Arknights Recruitment Guide

September 17, 2022
Arknights Recruitment Guide

Arknights Recruitment Guide. One of the most important quests in Arknights is recruiting operators. Without a good list of operators, progress becomes a pain in the neck unless you have real currency to spare. Apart from that, there are two ways to find new operators in this strategy game. The first is headhunting.

The classic gacha is the mechanic that uses premium currency and tickets to draw different groups of allies randomly. These items help select inputs to generate semi-random operators. Speaking of which, today we’ll focus on hiring because it’s not that expensive to run.

Arknights Recruitment Guide

Completing all the easy objectives can make it difficult for a freemium player to get his Corundum. Thankfully, there are other ways to acquire additional characters besides the gacha system. One example is the hiring feature to find more operators if you have enough hiring permits.

Any player who takes their daily quests seriously should always have them. You have to choose two of the qualities. The longer the search takes, the less likely you will find a less rare operator. At the same time, new employees are more likely to have all the necessary qualities.

But to develop the best characters, their traits must be perfected. Criteria Affecting Arknights Recruitment process below are the criteria that must be considered during the recruitment process.

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Tags for Arknights Recruitment

More precise combinations of Operator attributes should be triggered to allow players to recruit rare Operators. Also, few characters can be obtained by recruiting, so you need to be careful. There are also special combinations of features. For example, acceleration plans can be applied. Although immediate, it guarantees the same results as if the search had followed its normal course to expedite the hiring process results.

Each recruiter receives five tags. Five of them are semi-random and define different aspects of the operator. Players can select 0-3 of her tags to affect the recruitment outcome. Player-selected tags are passed to the operator, except in the following cases. Suppose the tag is lost during the recruitment period. This can happen at any time. Players choose strictly exclusive tags (e.g., Medic class tag and Guardian class tag).

There are four tag classifications, listed below in bold, along with all possible tags that fall into that classification. Sniper, Vanguard, Medic, Guard, Support. Affix, Nuker, Robot, Rapid Deploy, Shift, Summon, Support, Slow, DPS, Heal, DP Restore, Survival, Defense, AoE.

Time Period

In this game, you set the time from 0 to 9 hours in 10-minute increments. One of the tags was removed from the search. However, this LMD cost of hiring increases over time.

Once the recruitment period has started, you can use the Accelerated Plan to complete your recruitment. Using accelerated plans has no effect. The result is the same as when the recruitment period has passed.

Earning Permits

Recruitment Permits cannot be purchased, but there are many ways to earn them, and they are common in-game. This article explains how to obtain a recruiting permit to maximize your recruiting power. Even if you recruit three times a day using daily quests, you still have what it takes to build a sufficient supply of Recruitment Licenses.

Permit Locations Tiers 1 and 2 of the Commendation Store offer 15 and 20 Recruitment Permits for 8 and 15 Recognition Certificates, respectively, and inventory resets monthly. The Credit Store occasionally sells recruitment permits for a starting price of 160 credits. Earn up to 10 hiring approvals by completing weekly goals. The Enhancement Pack contains up to 35 adoption permits.

Basic Tips Arknights Recruitment Guide

Try to pick a set of tags that guarantees at least a 4-star operator or a set of tags that players are specifically looking for. Remember to limit your hiring time to a maximum of 9 hours to reduce the chances of losing one of your tags.

If the player wants to get a robot operator (Castle-3, Lancet-2, and THRM-EX), don’t forget to limit his time to 3 hours and 50 minutes. Operator.

The player can set the time to save LMD to 7 hours and 40 minutes. It is the shortest time to guarantee at least a 3-star operator and, at most, his 5-star operator, assuming the set of tags does not ensure a specific operator.

About Players

Players fortunate to have a Senior or Top Operator tag should always choose one or the other. But, simultaneously, set the recruitment time to the maximum.

The top operator tag never fails if you select a title that negates it (such as a starter) and set the time up to 9 hours. Under the same circumstances, the senior operator designation is unlikely to disappear.

3 Star Operators are the most common candidates in the recruitment process, so players should try to maximize their Operator potential early in the game.


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