Crunchyroll Black Screen on Chrome

October 5, 2022
Crunchyroll Black Screen

Crunchyroll Black Screen. Crunchyroll became famous among users after they streamed favorite anime like Demon Slayer, Attack On Titans, and other series. The advantage of a Crunchyroll account is that you can get any anime with English subtitles and audio. Not all anime may have dubbed versions. But all the anime have English subtitles, enough to enjoy the show. Recently, some users have been facing issues like Black Screen While Stream Crunchyroll in browsers and apps without sound and video. It happens in both the browser stream and the application stream. So, if you face this problem, you can solve it using one of the methods below.

Reasons for Crunchyroll Black Screen:

In recent years, the OTT platform has become a high-revenue media platform. Because Crunchyroll has to acquire the Anime series at a high price, it has to avoid piracy and other non-original content protection methods. So they take many measures to accommodate user-side devices that aren’t compromised by the policy. But unfortunately, in reality, even regular users are sometimes affected by this process.

Fix Crunchyroll’s black screen when streaming in browsers:

The following method will be useful for watching Crunchyroll on browsers like Google Chrome, Chromium-based browsers (Chrome Beta, Opera, Microsoft Edge), Firefox, and Safari. Check your internet connection speed and Crucnhroll Stream on other devices.

It is always wise to check your internet connection speed before proceeding with any advanced steps. We don’t need high-speed Internet. But when you choose high-quality videos like 720p or 1080p, you need a rate of at least 10 Mbps. Also, check whether the video is streaming in other device browsers. In rare situations, Crunchyroll’s servers may be busy at that time.

Disable the Adblocker extension Crunchyroll Black Screen:

Even with premium plans, you can use Adblocker to disable site-level ads and other pop-ups on Crunchyroll. However, disabling it can also block the streaming chain with ads; in return, the video may not stream in your browsers. You can find the Adblocker extension and add-on in Settings > Extensions for Chrome and Chromium-based browsers.

Disable hardware acceleration in advanced settings:

The latest browsers incorporate hardware acceleration into the software to provide an immersive experience. Websites are getting harder and harder, with many online products, services, tools, and services. The browser has to work hard to display web content, movies, shows, images, and audio content. The algorithm uses CPU, GPU, and RAM to load huge files and provide an immersive experience. Hardware acceleration can be disabled in the default browser. Let me show you how.

Chrome and Chrome-based browsers:

  • Open Chrome.
  • Navigate to the settings URL (chrome://settings/) and then press Enter.
  • Click the dropdown menu icon under the “Advanced” option.
  • Select “System” from the dropdown menu.
  • Impair the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option.
  • Press the “Restart” button to complete the process.
  • Launch the browser and verify that the action works.
  • You can play Crunchyroll video content, and the video player will not have any problems.
  • Mozilla Firefox.
  • Open Mozilla Firefox.
  • Copy and paste (about: Preferences) into the clipboard and press Enter.
  • Scroll down for more options.
  • Impair the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option.
  • Hardware acceleration should be disabled on your computer.
  • You don’t want to restart your browser to apply the settings. It will automatically load the video content on page refresh.
  • Clear site settings

Sometimes the previous cache for logged-in sessions can break streaming. You can clear your Crunchyroll website settings using the following steps.

Go to the Crunchyroll website:

  • Select the lock symbol in the browser URL.
  • Choose Site Settings.
  • Delete saved data.
  • Disable incompatible extensions.

Since Crunchyroll is a Stream platform with a zero-tolerance policy for offline downloads and other activities, your video may not stream if you have extensions like Video downloader or other related extensions; Your video may not be flowing. Impair the extension one by one to see if the video is streaming. You can check the extension in More Tools > Extensions.

Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen in Android Mobile App:

Like the black screen of the browser, it can have several reasons. We highlight a few crucial things that may be the exact reason.

Check your Mobile Root Status-Crunchyroll Black Screen:

Most streaming apps do not support rooted mobiles. So, when you have an out ed android mobile, you should unroot your mobile by flashing full firmware.

Widevine L1 certification-Crunchyroll Black Screen:

Regular HD streaming does not require special authorization and certification. However, the Full HD version of the streaming video may require Widevine L1 certification. You can check Widevine L1 availability using the DRM Info app.

Deactivate Google Play Protect settings:

In exceptional situations, Google Play Protect may disable the network stream in the Crunchyroll app. You can check for interruptions by turning off the Google Play Protect settings. You do this by going to Play Store > Play Protect > Settings > Scan apps with Play Protect.

Clear cache and data:

Like browser cache, application cache can affect the streaming process. Clear the app information and sign in again with your details. Contact Crunchyroll support if you want all the solutions and still can’t figure out the problem; you can contact Crunchyroll Support to check your account status and see if there’s any violation.


Since streaming does not depend on a data connection to the Internet, other criteria can affect the process. However, we can fix Crunchyroll’s black screen problem using the above methods. You can finally contact the Crunchyroll support team when you can’t resolve your case. We hope the above methods will surely help in the repair process. Have you tried another way to fix Stream Black Screen? Then comment below; it will surely help other people.


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