The daily lives of my Countryside APK

September 12, 2022
Daily lives of my Countryside

Daily Lives of My Countryside Apk will take you around the farm where your family sent you to your aunt’s farm with two glasses of grapes. The game also involves a school and an aunt’s farm.

 The game will take you into the rural world where your mother sends you to your dear aunt’s farm with two fragrant grapefruits. After checking in, you go downstairs again to see you. Tell them naturally they don’t have to talk, stand and talk to their brother but you have to call them whatever they want, you already know. The game will have the aunt’s farm, a school, and other characters. I have to say it’s great.

Install Steps

  1. Remove playstore version
  2. Install mod APK
  3. Play the game

In this new game, players have to play the role of a boy who goes to aunty’s house in the city to continue his study. While living there, you have to perform different duties and tasks to please your aunty and other people living there.

If you get the affection of people, then you need to please them by helping them in their duties and completing different tsks and mentioned. You will also get money for every task and mission you finish in the game, which you can use for unlocking premium items in-game.

What are the Daily Lives Of My Countryside Apk?

As mentioned above, it is the latest role-playing game developed and released by Lives for android and iOS players from around the world who want to play new RPG games with unlimited game resources and items for free.

While playing the game, keep in mind that you will see multiple game characters with different moods and habits. So, you must retain all these in your mind while talking to them or helping them with various tasks.

The main mission of this game is to get maximum affection from both main characters and side characters to unlock new events and scenes. In this game, you will get adult scenes if you get top love for the characters.

Information about Game

  • Name: Daily Lives of My Country Sides
  • Version: v0.2.11
  • Size: 170 MB
  • Developer: Lives
  • Category: Simulation
  • Android Required: 5.0

After knowing all the gameplay mentioned above and your storyline, decide to play this new game, then open thing keeps in your mind that this new game is rated 18+. So if you are more than 18+, then you can easily download and install this new game from any third-party website for free.

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What main characters and side characters will players get in Daily Lives of My Countryside Game?

At the start of the game, you will see three main characters,


  • Daisy
  • Ana
  • Mrs. Emmi
Daisy Affection
  • Players need to put her in the field and Wash the Dishes to get affection from the daisy. Once you fall with her, you will have a chance to make dinner, launch, and steak.
Ana Affection
  • To get affection from ana, Help her with the cows and changing. Once you start in love with her, you will get a chance to talk with her in the school bathroom and watch her in changing room with explicit scenes.
  • Emmi AffectionTo gets affection from Mrs. Emmi, players must complete all their studies and join a class in time. If you chat with them, you will lose their love too.

Side Characters

Players will also get a chance to interact with the below-mentioned side characters like,

  • Mrs. Betty
  • Kate
  • Pink Hair Girl
  • Mabel
  • Christmas

If the main characters know that you are helping these side characters, you will lose affection from them, so don’t make a relationship in front of the main characters.

How to download and play Daily Lives Of My Countryside Download?

After reading about all the main characters and side characters, if you want to download and install this new game. Search on google.

While installing the game, allow all permissions and enable unknown sources from the security setting. After installing the game, open it, and you will see the main page where you see 18+ alerts. After this alert, you will see the main dashboard of the game with the below-mentioned options like,

  • New game
  • Continue
  • Option
  • Credits
  • Quit game

If you are playing this game for the first time, tap on the new game, and you will see gameplay where you have to enter a player’s name and start playing the game. Players who don’t know gameplay should watch the tutorial; otherwise, skip the game.

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