New World Patch Notes-Updates

October 4, 2022
New World Patch Notes

New World Update 1.6.2

New World Patch Notes. Greetings, adventurers! The shutdown of the new World Update 1.6.2 will begin on August 9th at 11:00 PM PT (6:00 UTC) and introduces the new Barnacles & Black Powder expedition.

EXPEDITION-New World Patch Notes

Barnacles & Black PowderThe brand new Barnacles & Black Powder mission and the new Mutation set are now available! So swing by the Cutlass Keys and start your next adventure.

Notable fixes. Fixed a problem that caused PvP arenas and other modes to count towards expedition run limits. Fixed an issue that caused the Open World battle music to overwrite the expedition music.


Notable fixes. Fixed a handful of rare crashes and server bugs. Fixed an issue that falsely caused World Transfer conditions to report as not met. As a result, players should now be able to use World Transfer Tokens if all requirements are met. Fixed an issue that caused hidden saves to drop under certain circumstances. They are intended for a break and should not appear during the summer event.

Added an academic fix for an issue that caused remote players and objects to pop up frozen. We will continue to display the forums to see if players are still experiencing this issue after the update. Both World and Regional convert now have a three-day (72-hour) cooldown after use. We will continue to display the results of this exchange to see if further adjustments are necessary.

UX/UI/SOCIAL-New World Patch Notes

Business place. Fixed a visual issue affecting the sheet music description text in the Buy panel on the Trading Post. Improved visual enhancements for the Song Selection menu during a music performance.

Fixed an issue that prevented the Divine Vengeance weapon skin color from displaying correctly. The play-store preview will now match the actual color of the weapon’s skin. Notable fixes. Improved confirmation messages when rebinding keys to the spacebar.

New World Update 1.6.1

Greetings, adventurers! The shutdown for the new World Update 1.6.1 will begin on August 3rd at 11:00 PM PT (6:00 UTC) and includes fixes for Azoth Vials.


Tempest’s Heart. Fixed a problem that caused players in both normal and mutated versions of Tempest’s Heart to gain durability damage.


We’re temporarily increasing the maximum daily expedition limit from 15 to 25. We’ve discovered an issue where 3v3 PvP arenas and other modes are consuming runs, so we’ve increased the total personal quota while we work on a permanent fix. When the patch goes Live, it will reduce this additional allocation again.


Notable fixes. Solve a problem that caused some ability passives, status effects, and perk activation cooldowns to reset when switching weapons. Fixed a problem that caused the wrong drops to pop up from enemies in Siren’s Stand. Fixed a problem that caused several weapon AoE abilities not to deal damage when hitting the terrain.


Adjusted collision around war camp to prevent players from climbing over walls.


General. A special Fishing Event popup modal will appear every weekend during the Fishing and Music Double XP Event.


Fixed an issue where saving items while maxing parts repair would not work when using hotkeys. Fixed an issue that caused the rescue function to consume additional items inadvertently. Azoth vials have been re-enabled for use, including salvage. Fixed a problem that prevented players from salvaging additional Azoth Vials is restricted. It will now only allow you to save enough to get to the top and won’t hold too much, preventing waste.


  • Medleyfaire summer event
  • Added unique event background for Aeternum Sturgeon Hotspot help.
  • Musical instruments
  • “Unstuck” is now disabled when playing an instrument in music performance.


  • Fixed names and descriptive text for several points of interest around the world.
  • Due to timing, the localization was not updated to reflect every POI change made – I will fix it in an upcoming patch. I appreciate your patience.
  • Fixed Tres Campos POI border to display correctly in the world.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Admiral Blackpowder’s drops to appear in other AI’s loot.


  • Fixed objective and location names for “Dagger in the Mist” and “All That Remains” quests.
  • Fixed quest pin locations for lore notes related to the “Tales Between Ships” quest.

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