Roblox Cheese Escape Tutorial

September 17, 2022
Roblox Cheese Escape Tutorial

Roblox Cheese Escape is the next exciting horror game from Roblox and has garnered over 9.2 million views since its launch in March 2020. This will teach you how to cross the maze safely, find cheese, avoid rats and escape to freedom.

What is Roblox Cheese Escape?

Roblox Cheese Escape is a trendy Roblox horror game where, according to the developer, you must “survive harmless rats” by collecting cheese keys and solving puzzles in a cheese-like maze.

Collecting the Green Key (and Cheese) 

  • To collect the first key and the first few pieces of cheese . When the door opens for the first time, go straight into the maze.
  • After exiting the safe area (translucent green wall) past the green cheese, go straight to the far wall, turn right, and grab the cheese from the table.
  • Go back and turn left and go through the locked red door. In the next corridor, turn sharply right and go through the narrow entrance to collect the next piece of cheese (in Roblox Cheese Escape) on the table.
  • Follow the corridor until you see a small entrance on your right. Enter it, grab the third piece of cheese, and head down the hallway. Go straight down the hallway and grab the fourth cheese on your way to the key and ladder on the right.
  • The green key is next to the ladder. Please get the key before going upstairs.
  • Well done! You have the green key to open the green-locked door.

Collect the red key (and cheese)

To collect the key below and some cheese, follow these steps:

  • First, follow the gray corridors back to the cheese maze. The green door at the end. Then, with the green key activated, click on the door to unlock it and pass through.
  • You are in a locked room with a keyboard and numbers on the wall.
  • Reading the numbers from the bottom up, the code to unlock the door is “3842”.
  • Go through the Gray Hall. Here you will see red keys, soda, and cheese. You’ll return to the cheese maze if you take all three and leave the cheese last.
  • The red key can now unlock the red door!

Collecting Blue Keys (and Cheese) Here are the steps to collect

  • Fewer keys and some cheese. Go left until you reach the red door and go through it to pick up the piece of wood inside.
  • At the end of the corridor, turn right, and you’ll find a small foyer in the next room. Proceed cautiously through the entrance and grab the cheese at the end.
  • Then go out through the white door.
  • You are on the second floor of a cheese maze with a hole in the board. Place the tree you took earlier and crossed over to pick up the blue key.
  • Blue doors can now be opened.
  • Escape the maze (and find the last piece of cheese). Here are the steps to collect some or less cheese and escape the maze.
  • Move quickly through the maze until you return to the green key and ladder. Climb up the ladder and enter the room on the right.

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