Touch Bar Pet

September 12, 2022
Touch Bar Pad

Touch bar Pet is an app that lets you raise online pets vital to your MacBook’s Touch Bar. Once you download Touch bar Pet, you can adopt a dog, cat, rabbit, or hamster to take care of. You need a MacBook with a Touch Bar, an iPad set up with Sidecar, or a Touch Bar emulator to use Touch bar pets. 

How do I open the app

  •  Right-click the app.
  • To open it. But Apple’s latest build is notarized.
  • It will open.

What Mac OS version do I need to run this app?

Mac OS 10.14 and higher.

Open the app and then see a blank window titled “Touch bar Pet.”

Look at your touch bar!

I still don’t see anything on my touch bar.

  • You may have changed your touch bar settings at some point.
  •  Go to your computer’s System Preferences.
  •  Click “Keyboard.”
  •  Set “Touch Bar shows” to “App Controls.”
  •  Reopen the Touch bar Pet app.

What are the controls?

  • Tap your pet.
  • Press poop to remove it.
  • Click the egg to hatch it.
  • Tap an empty spot on your touch bar to place a food pellet.
  • Tap anywhere with two fingers and play with a laser pointer.
  •  Swipe an empty spot to roll a ball.

Why is my pet losing health?

  • Your pet is empty (hunger level is 10).
  • The pet is overfull (you fed them for a while after hunger reached 0).
  • Pet’s environment is too dirty. Tap poop to clean it up.
  • Your pet is dying of loneliness. Pet and play with more frequently.

How does my pet regain wellness?

When I’m ill, I feel better by eating enough food and getting plenty of sleep. Let your pet take naps with munchies less than 4 (but don’t overfeed them), and let them rise on their own (don’t force them awake).

How do I keep my pet happy?

Please ensure they are healthy and well-fed, and pet them often. Get like a clean environment, so remove any poop. Get grumpy awakened from naps too often.

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